The Perfect Rainy Day

When it rains, I usually want to stay tucked up with a blanket, watching Netflix and eating things that are so bad for me but taste so good! But not today; today I did the opposite!

I had such a lovely girly day out in London…and we pretty much spared the rain, too!

First, went for brunch at The Barge House in Haggerston.
This is the cutest little place which is sat right on the canal front and serves the most delicious food!

Look how idyllic it is…


So the food…

The Brunch menu is INCREDIBLE!

They serve was is called ‘Breakfast in Bread’!
There are four options: The Original, Hot Stuff, Smoked Salmon and The Vegetarian…so there is an option for everyone!

I had ‘The Original‘. It consists of ‘bespoke sourdough loaf filled filled with smoked bacon, Cumberland sausage, slow roasted tomatoes, leeks, oyster mushrooms, spinach, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese’.

It may not sound too appealing at first, but trust me, it just works!

Now look how delicious this is…


The first three are ‘The Original’ (note: one of the girls requested no egg and no mushrooms in theirs and they were more than happy to do this!). The one on the right is ‘Hot Stuff‘ which is filled ‘with chorizo, hot beans, red peppers, chilli mushrooms, spinach, topped with a free range egg and sprinkled with cheese’.

Honestly, if you can go there, go there!

None of us could finish our food as the portions are so big and filling! The food itself costs around £13 which I personally think is really good for what you get!

You also get water at your table and the drinks menu consists of everything from coffee to cocktails!


From here, we went on to the Alwyne Castle in Islington and sat by the fire, playing scrabble! Yes, it’s a pub that provides board games for you to play at your own leisure! WIN WIN!


It was such a simple but lovely day, spent with some of my favourite people…much better than staying in, watching television all day alone (as the BF was at a football match)!

What did you get up to today? Did you stay in or did you venture out as well?

I’d love to know!

Court x


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