Sassy Slogans

I don’t know about you, but I am LOVING slogan tees at the moment! They’re the perfect way to give your outfit a little bit of SASS and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a bit sass!?

Slogan tees were all over the catwalk for SS17 and my absolute favourites would be from Henry Holland’s 10th Anniversary Collection – I mean WOW. With slogans like ‘Lets Breed Bella Hadid’ and ‘Lets Get Obscene Care Delevingne’, of course they are my faves!

There were more from the likes of Ashish, Christian Dior and Paco Robanne too, that are also pretty cool.

Some of our fave celeb baes are even making a statement with their tee! So if they can do it, so can we, right!?

So from catwalk, to celebs, to high street- the slogan tee has landed in most of our favourite stores.

Before you buy however, here are a few top tips for wearing a slogan tee:

  • Aim for the ‘effortless chic’ look.
  • AVOID cringe! No-one wants to see you in an ‘angel’ t-shirt that your 12 year old self probably would have worn back in the day!
  • Make a statement with your slogan, but not so much that it becomes controversial.
  • Sarcasm + Slogan = Sass
  • Take the piss out of yourself. This Adolescent Clothing ‘Shit Chat’ t-shirt does this SO perfectly and I LOVE it!1 shit chat
  • Let the statement be true to you or represent how you’re feeling: this Missguided BRUH sweatshirt is perfect for when you’ve got that awful Smonday feeling on a Sunday afternoon!
    1 bruh

Here are a few of MY personal high-street faves, that will ensure you’re wearing the slogan tee in the right way!

1 zara

This ZARA tee is too sassy for words and your wardrobe needs it!

1 latte.png

This BOOHOO @ ASOS t-shirt is so perfect! Latte & Lipstick – two of a girls fave things ❤

1 babesGrowing up in the Spice Girl era, I’m all about that Girl Power! So this ‘Babes Unite’ tee from Topshop caught my eye immediately. Go grab your girls and go grab one of these!

1 chic.png

Lets just show off how Chic we are, yeah?
Both of my sister’s have this tee and I think I’m going to have to join them in the crew!
Grab this from ASOS for an absolute steal!

1 blah.png

This Daisy Street @ ASOS ‘Blah Blah Blah’ tee is so great, as you can subtly show what you’re thinking, without saying a word as your tee is saying it all for you! So Susan, just shut up yeah? HAHA.

1 sassy.png

Now, I couldn’t talk about Sassy Slogans without having one item that said ‘Sassy’, could I? This is the most expensive item I’ve featured in my faves, at £70, but how cute is it? It’s from Topshop but it’s one of their concession brands, ‘Blake Seven’.

Now finally, my ALL TIME fave, goes to this Boohoo ‘HUN’ t-shirt.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

I have complete eye hearts for this tee!
Just to note: it is from the petite range but it’s an oversized fit, so it really shouldn’t matter if you want this and you’re tall. I’m 5ft5 and the petite range is for 5ft3 and under and it’s still oversized on me.

So anyway, what do you think on the slogan tee trend? Do you love it or hate it? I’d love to know and there’s a lovely little comment box right at the bottom, which you can write in and tell me!

Speak soon,

Court x



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