Homeware Haul 

This weekend I thought I’d bring you something a little different…a homeware Haul. The reason for this is that lately I’ve been buying lots of bits and bobs for around the house; particularly for our spare room as it’s just plain and boring right now! 

If you haven’t already, then you need to get yourself down to Primark. Believe it or not, they have an incredible range of home accessories – from scented candles, to bed linen, cute cushions and wall canvases- they’ve literally got it all.

From there, I picked up the following few bits for our spare room.

Faux Succulent £2
Elephant shaped candle £4
Framed grid £5
Wall canvas £4
Close up: canvas
Close up: canvas
Close up: canvas
Buddha tealight holder £4

We’re going for a travel themed, mindful space in the spare room and I felt these few pieces really fitted that idea!  

I had also popped to IKEA to pick up a play kitchen for my niece, and saw a few little bits for our flat that I really liked…

Aloe Vera plant £2.50

One of my girls has the biggest Aloe Vera plant in her front room and I obsess over it every time I’m there! So when I saw this in IKEA for such a bargain, I just had to buy one! I am yet to buy a pretty pot that it fits in though! Currently, this is in the kitchen but I think I’m going to move it to the front room so I can admire it some more! 

Scented candle £1.50

This scented candle is called ‘Summer 2017’ and it smells incredible. I’ve put this in the front room next to a cactus and the colours really compliment each other. As you can see, I couldn’t wait to light this the second I got home with it! 

Black A4 frames £1.50 each

I picked up these plain black frames too, as I’d made some of my own wordy wall arts that I wanted to put in our kitchen. Don’t they look cuuuuuute!? 

Anyway, that’s about it for everything ive purchased for our flat of late. 

What is your favourite item? 

Don’t forget to drop me a comment on the box below (it’s riiiiiight at the bottom)! 

Speak soon, 

Court x 


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