Dublin Lookbook: Day

Evening lovelies, tonight I bring you a lookbook of what I wore in Dublin during the day.

Some things new, some things old, but nonetheless, I hope you like what I wore and that it gives you some fash inspiration! 

Firstly, to travel.

Day 1. 

Going to Dublin is literally only an hour flight and therefore the ‘need’ for comfies isn’t as great as when travelling further afield. So this is what I wore

My trusty ASOS busted knee jeans (these are so stretchy and give you complete freedom around the knee, no restriction and so these were super great for flying in. 

I teamed these with a new basic white long-sleeve pocket tee from Primark and my Adidas Originals Superstars and Allsaints leather jacket

Day 2: 

I wore my new candystripe pink blouse from H&M with my gorgeous mid-blue Camilla jeans from Impreshunz.

We spent the day visiting the museums and doing a spot of shopping and so comfy shoes were a must. I also used my little Karl Lagerfeld bucket bag to carry my handbag essentials and accessoried with my all time fave Gucci belt! I chucked on my Allsaints leather jacket too, for a bit of warmth as it was pretty windy!
Day 3: 

On day 3, I decided to re-wear my impreshunz jeans with the cutest embroidered mermaid shell tee from Primark, yes, Primark. Well actually, I got it in Dublin so technically it’s from Penny’s (that’s what they call their Primark over there)! 

This day, we visited Trinity College and then went on a 6K walk from Bray to Greystones, so again the comfy shoes, leather jacket and mini bag were necessities! It was the hottest day of the year so far in Dublin on this day, so my Raybans really came in handy, too!

Day 4: 

This was our last day and in the morning we visited the Guinness Factory before heading home that afternoon. 

My friends actually told me I looked like a pint of Guiness in this outfit (HAHA!) as I was in complete monochrome!

I wore just a simple Primark striped Breton, with my new ASOS Ridley black skinny jeans, again the allsaints leather jacket and adidas trainers. Today though, I used my Mulberry handbag because it was bigger to carry things I needed as hand luggage for the plane ride home. It’s important to note as well that I went for a bright reddy-orange lip and nails on this day, to add a bit of colour to the outfit. 

So, that’s it for my Dublin Day Lookbook! 

What was your favourite outfit?  I’d love to know so scroll all the way down to the bottom and drop me a comment in the box! 

My Dublin Night Lookbook will be up in just a few days, too!

Speak soon, 

Court x



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