What’s In My Bag? 

I can’t lie, I’m know to carry around huge, heavy handbags and people always ask me: ‘what have you got in there!?’. 

So, I thought I’d share with you all, exactly what makes my handbag so heavy! 

Just to note: this is what is in my bag day to day and so aside from the necessities of a purse and some keys, I have…

A diary: 
I can’t live without a diary. I work crazy hours that change every week, so without a diary I literally wouldn’t know when I was meant to be at work. Because of my shift pattern, it’s also hard to schedule plans in with friends, so again, I need a diary to note down when and where we’re meeting so I don’t forget! 


Now the days are sunnier, I don’t go anywhere without my sunglasses! Not only are they great for UVA protection against the eyes but they really add something special to an outfit! The perfect accessory! 

These ones are Fendi and I got them from Net-a-Porter last summer. The neon arms and reflective lenses are super fun and make these more than just your standard pair of tortoiseshell sunnies!


Being a blogger, my phone is permanently stuck in my hand so as you can imagine, the battery dies pretty quickly. I carry not only a normal plug charger, but a portable one too! You won’t find me without my headphones either as I am always watching vlogs and instastories when out and about!

Beauty Bits

I’m not someone that carries their entire makeup bag around with them, as I am just not into the whole full-face everyday thing. I just ensure I have a couple of lip products (usually a lipstick, lipgloss and a tinted lip balm) as for me, a little bit of lippy can really do a lot!  

Hand cream and antibacterial hand gel are MUSTS! I’m a bit of a germ freak so I love carrying hand gel with me as you never know when you’ll need it. It can dry out your hands though so I am always sure to carry hand cream with me too, and this Molton Brown one is so dreamy! 


I always have some form of pain relief in my bag, whether is paracetamol or ibuprofen, it’s there. Currently I am suffering from heyfever too, so my allergy tablets and tissues (oh so classy) come everywhere with me! 


This is pretty funny but I always have some form of energy/breakfast bar in my bag! They’re so handy to have on you just incase you feel peckish when out and about. I often skip breakfast (naughty I know) so this is a great on-the-go alternative when I’m commuting to work. 

That’s about it for what’s in my bag! 

Just to let you know, the bag featured is my Aspinal of London Essential Tote, in black pebble and red suede. It’s £250 and you can find it here (with black suede though, as the red was a Christmas edition). 

What do you carry around in your bag? Is it as much as me?! Don’t forget to leave a comment in the box at the bottom! 

Speak soon, 

Court x 


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