Boobs and Bodysuits

I absolutely love a bodysuit. I don’t overly know why because they’re pretty awkward when you need a wee (lol) but they’re just a bit more special than just a top/tee/vest! 

Give me a bodysuit with a plunge neckline and/or an open back and it just has to be mine. I love that it can be chucked on with a pair of shorts and converse or jeans and heels, for two completely different looks.

Now there is just one small issue with bodysuits like this..and that’s boobs! 
I used to ask myself so many questions:

Can I get away with wearing a bra?’

Have I got the right boobs to wear something like this?’ 

And WHY? Because my boobs are small. 

I used to hate my tiny boobs. I felt like I couldn’t wear plunge necklines or open-backed clothes because I didn’t have a cleavage and because I felt I always needed a bra on to make it ‘look’ like I had more boob than I did.

It was only when one of my best girls, who is all about body confidence, once said to me ‘it’s cool to have small boobs now’. So I tried to see it that way, too. 

NOW, after trying out different bodysuits I realised that I’m kind of lucky in the sense that I don’t need support from a bra to keep my boobs up and so actually, being able to go bra-less enables me to wear bodysuits like this.

I bought this one from BOOHOO for only £6 and I love it! It fits true to size and comes in so many other colours that I’ll definitely be ordering some more! This is in colour chestnut and I am wearing a size 6. Find here.

We all love taking our bra off at the end of the day right? Well on bodysuit days like this, I feel that freedom ALL.DAY.LONG! 

So basically what I’m trying to say is, be body confident and love your body for what you’ve got and don’t let it inhibit what clothes you wear. If you feel good, that’s all that matters. 

Speak soon, 

Court x 

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