American Adventure: LA

I’ve not long been back from my incredible adventure in America and I thought I’d share my travels with you all. 

I went with my fiancé, Tom, and we had the BEST time ever. Honestly, words can not describe how magical this trip was! 

So we flew from London Heathrow to Los Angeles airport, with Air New Zealand and the flight was so nice – we both would definitely fly with them again. 

We stayed in a super cool air BnB down Abbot Kinney road in LA, which, according to GQ Magazine, is the coolest road to live down in America! Our hosts were really cool and the house itself was really big and the interiors were amazing!

On our first day, we had brunch at a place called 26 Beach. It was the sassiest place a girl could ask to have breakfast! 

The menu was pretty insane too – I had a bacon, avocado and tomato toastie and much to my surprise, it came with chips too (which I didn’t eat) and of course I had a mimosa, too. 

After this, we went and explored the Venice Canals and we were amazed that there were so many canals amongst all the houses! Not to mention, if any Californication fans are reading, that Hank would often walk to the canals and have chats with his daughter on the bridges! 

From there, we explored Venice Beach. 

Venice Beach is like no other beach I’ve visited before – it was like hipster east London but by the sea! There was such a cool vibe and everything was colourful and creative. People have stands where they were selling things from art, to dream catchers to even ‘shit advice for $1’ haha. 

There are endless shops and cafes and not to mention muscle beach – where all the muscley men and women flex and workout in front of everybody! One I thing I loved as well was the skateboarding! There was some incredible talent there and it took me back to my younger years of playing Tony Hawks on PlayStation (please tell me you played that too?)!

 Just to note as well, there are a lot of people who come up to you and try to sell their CDs and things, but they aren’t aggressive in doing so and accept if you say no, without any problems. 

If you ever visit, definitely take the time to go to Santa Monica, too. 

You can hire bikes, roller blade or just walk there like we did and it’s not too far – I think it took us about 30 minutes to walk at a chilled pace. The pier is really fun – you can go on rides, play slot machines or just walk by and see the street artists playing music and/or dancing. We stopped off for a cocktail and enjoyed the atmosphere, before taking to the beach itself for a little sunbathing and splashing around in the sea. 

On the way back I dragged Tom into Kreation (along Abbot Kinney) as my sister had told me to go there and have the Beautify syringe juice, because it contains activated silicon and is Lady Gaga’s favourite! 

It wasn’t particularly nice, but then again I’m not overly a fan of green juice. I also had an aloe water which I fell in loveeeee with – it was so refreshing and nice after spending the entire day in the sun. 

That night we went to In n Out burger for dinner (it would be criminal not too, right?!) and it lived up to expectations. It was soooo good! The best cheeseburgers ever! 

On the second day, we spent our time exploring Beverly Hills and Hollywood, starting with brunch at The Ivy. Compared to other places, The Ivy is pretty expensive but being a celeb hangout, you wouldn’t expect anything less. Upon arrival, you get a free glass of champagne and some scones brought over to your table. The decor is gorgeous, with the prettiest, most colourful roses everywhere! You can sit inside or outside and the menu has such a variety of brunches, from pancakes to crab benedict! The service is really impeccable there too. 

We then went to your typical tourist hotspots – Rodeo Drive, Melrose Avenue, The Beverly Hills hotel and Hollywood etc. 

  Naturally, I found Sephora and spent my way through the shop (I’ll do a post on what I go got soon) because lets be honest, who doesn’t?! 

I absolutely LOVED Beverly Hills, but I must say I wasn’t blown away by Hollywood at all and the walk of fame I found a bit underwhelming. 

That evening we went to a baseball game and saw the LA Dodgers win 3-0! This was a great, authentic experience with such a great atmosphere! Everyone told us to have a ‘Dodger Dog’ hotdog as they’re supposed the best and we did really enjoy them! We got garlic fries too (they sound weird but taste and smell soooo good). 

The next day, we went to ihop for breakfast and I had the most incredible Cupcake Pancakes! Honestly I felt like I was eating a cake, what with sprinkles and icing covering my breakfast! Tom had two breakfasts that morning as he couldn’t poosibly choose what to have! 

we took a boat tour to go whale watching from Marina Del Ray, which lasted 4 hours. We didn’t see any whales but we saw dolphins and sea lions which I was really excited about. 

We were in America for the big boxing matches between McGregor and Mayweather, so sat in our Air BnB with our hosts and other people staying there, to watch it that evening which was really nice. 

So would I go to LA again? Most definitely. Tom and I fell so much in love with it, that we said we would love to move there at some point, so we shall see what the future holds! 

The weather is gorgeous and the atmosphere is so chilled, so who wouldn’t love it? 

One thing to note though – we did a lot of walking and got Uber’s too – so it’s definitely worth getting a car in LA if you ever go! 

Keep an eye out for my next American Adventure post, which will be all about Yosemite! 

Speak soon, 

Court x 

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