Being a Brace Face at 26 

Yep. That’s right. I’ve got braces. 

Full on. Ugly Betty.  Train tracks. 

You might ask why? 

Well, it’s as simple as – I hate my teeth. I don’t know what I hate more, my side profile or my front profile…both are pretty bad! And it’s all thanks to 1 wonky tooth (or so I thought until I sat in the chair)!

For reasons I won’t go into now, I couldn’t ever have them when I was growing up, so when Tom proposed and I had the awful feeling of being self conscious on my wedding day and hating our wedding photos, I decided to have a consultation with an orthodontist to see if it was now possible for me to have a brace. And it was. 
So after little thought, I agreed to get them. 

Unfortunately for me though, being over 18 years old meant paying for my braces…and trust me, they don’t come cheap! 

Anyway, at my next appointment I had x-rays, moulds and my top brace fitted – which for someone who hasn’t ever even had a filling in their life, was quite a lot of dentistry work in one day! 

People warned me how gross the mould making would be, but luckily for me my orthodontist gave me only a 10-second mould (usually its for 1 min) and it tasted like bubblegum! I won’t say I was loving life, but it definitely wasn’t as terrible as I had thought! 

Fitting the brace itself didn’t really hurt though which surprised me as I thought it would. 

After it was fitted I was given a mirror to look in and before I looked, my eyes just filled with tears and I was petrified of looking as it felt so alien and big. 

Then I looked. 

I didn’t cry but I wasn’t overjoyed, but then again, who would be after getting a brace fitted?! 

Everyone’s comments (I mean Friends and family) were surprisingly really nice and said how much they suit me and that they didn’t look bad at all – luckily for me, whether they meant it or not it made me feel a bit better anyway! 

Getting used to my brace was tricky though, I won’t lie. I was covering my mouth so much that I ended up drawing more attention to myself! So try not to do that if you ever decide to get braces! 

I have to continuously drink coffee and coke (my two guilty pleasures) through straws (to avoid staining my teeth and having a lighter mark where the brace is fitted when it’s eventually taken off) and I can’t bite into anything as my teeth are too sensitive. For about the first 4 days however, I could only eat liquid/soft foods as eating was pretty much impossible. 

I’ve been told to avoid chewy food, hard food and acidic drinks as these can all break your brace. I also have to use interdental brushes to clean between each bracket, as well as brushing normally and at night I also have to use a fluoride rinse (last thing before bed as you can’t eat or drink after using it). I also manage the pain with ibuprofen as I find it a lot more effective with my teeth pain, than paracetamol. 

On the first two mornings after having the brace fitted, I brushed my teeth and fainted as the pain was so bad! Everyone is like ‘how on Earth’ and ‘they don’t hurt that much’ blabla…but everyone is different right? 

I’m now 4 weeks in and am so much more comfortable having my brace on (this might change again when the bottom goes on at the end of Novemember though)! I’m completely focusing on the end results and am so glad I took the decision to get braces. 

I can already see a slight difference in my teeth too, which is insane! So I can’t wait to keep seeing improvements as time goes on! 

I had a tooth out yesterday in order to make space for my top teeth to straighten up, so that’s what I’m currently dealing with. Eating on one side of my mouth and rinsing with salt water after each meal. 

It’s all fun and games isn’t it?! 

I’ll keep you updated on the next stages. 

Speak soon, 

Court x 



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