What I Got For Christmas

We’re almost half way into January and I’ve finally decided to do a post on what I got for Christmas! Why the delay you might be asking? Well, I got money from my Dad & Step Mum because I wanted to buy a new purse…but could I decide which one to buy? Nope. Not for weeks. So now that my beauty has arrived, I can give you a full show of what I got.

So, from Tom.

We did our Christmas early as we like to do it when there is just us and we were going to Kent to spend Christmas with my family.

He got me lots of bits and said ‘you’ve got one small present down in Kent, too’. So I was like that’s cute that I’ve got something for Christmas morning from him (funnily enough I’d done the same and he had one present in Kent too, but that actually was small!)

So anyway, he got me:

A Snow Fairy gift set from LUSH.

Any girl’s dreaaaam present at Christmas time!

A Weekly Desk Planner.

I’d actually asked for one of these and he chose this one himself and I was so impressed. I LOVE this so much as you can monitor your daily water intake, theres a doodle space, there’s even a habit tracker AND IT HAS FLAMINGOS ON!

A Fever Tree G&T Tasting Gift Set

If you love G&Ts as much as I do, you’ll know how happy I was to receive this! All the gins and all the tonics, yes please! This went down a treat over the festive period!

Missguided Off-Shoulder Knit

I’d wanted an off-shoulder knit for such a long time and was so happy when I unwrapped this! It’s beige in colour, chunky knit and so warm and snuggly.

Bills Restaurant Voucher

A voucher for my fave brunch place! I mean, could this boy do any better?!

A Bottle of Bubbly

Again, lovely, bubbly & was consumed over the festive period!

AND my present that was in Kent…was an

Acne Studios Scarf

Ohhhhh myyyy goshhhh! This boy is full of surprises, honestly. I was so excited when I unwrapped this and kept saying ‘omg’! In the Acne Studios classic pink colour, it’s the perfect winter warmer and I literally haven’t taken it off since!

Tom’s parents get us joint and individual presents, so I’ll just tell you what I got personally:

A Disarono Gift Set

The White Company Seychelles Gift Set

Honestly so obsessed with this! I love all things TWC and Seychelles is my favourite scent that they do, too! This is one of those gifts though that I can’t wait to use but at the same time wish I could keep it forever and just look at. Does anyone else get like that sometimes? Or is it just me?!

From my Mum & Step Dad I got…

A Bella Freud Jumper!

I’ve secretly wanted one of these jumpers for about 2 years and now I have one! Eeeeek! The excitement is real! They are ridiculously priced and not something I would ever purchase myself, but to receive as a gift I was sooooo incredibly happy! Naturally I put it on straight away and made it my Christmas outfit, I mean it would be rude not to have, right?

Anyway, I got the red one with the leopard print star on – just like Megan Ellaby! So that was a great choice by my mother!

My brother and sisters got me:

A Calvin Klein underwear set

I loveeee the glitter lining to this set, it’s so cute and different to the standard CK sets you can get. The bra is obviously shaped and not sports-bra-ish and it does up at the front which is nice and different, too and the knickers are high waisted too. This is a size extra small and fits perfectly.

Fearne Cotton’s Happy Journal

I love Fearne Cotton’s book, Happy, so when she made the Happy Journal I wanted it too. It’s super cute and a lovely way to offload and write down how you’re feeling. Each day prompts a topic for you to write about and there’s a face which you finish with how you’re feeling. I love itttt.

A Topshop Voucher

Starbucks Vanilla Coffee Syrup

& Fluffy Slipper Socks

My favourite two little girls (my nieces) got me:

A Personalised Photo Calendar

This is the cutest gift I’ve ever received. I loveeee it so much.

From my Nan and Gran, we got couples vouchers for both Next and House of Fraser which is great as we love (well I love) buying stuff for our flat. So both of those vouchers will be used on home accessories.

From my Dad and Step Mum, I obviously mentioned at the start of this post that I got money and wanted to buy a purse…

well I opted for the Gucci Marmont Purse in Pink and IT’S LOVE.

I’d wanted a smaller purse as I always use small bags, other than for work really, so I got this one. It’s like a little wallet, with 4 card slots, a zipped coin compartment and a notes section on the side.

I also got some smellies, a whole gift bag full of chocolate, a Jemima Puddleduck Plush (my absolute favourite from a child) and a Christmas lottery ticket (I didn’t win though, sadly)!

So yeah, that’s pretty much everything I got. I am one lucky girl.

What’s your favourite thing(s) out of everything that I got? I’d love to know so go ahead and leave a comment at the bottom of the page!

Speak soon,

Court x

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