3 Ways To Wear

…gingham shorts.

A great, non-boring alternative to wearing denim shorts every day throughout summer. They’re cute, comfy and most importantly, can be worn in so many different ways.

So check out below for how I love to wear mine the most…

1) With a simple cami

Cami’s are having such a moment right now, so teaming a plain cami with gingham shorts is the perfect pairing. I particularly love this cami (shop here) because it ties up into bows at the shoulders, giving the outfit some extra cuteness. I would always finish this look off with some layered necklaces – as you can see here:

2) With a slogan tee

For sassy and casual vibes, definitely team your gingham shorts with a slogan tee and chuck on your comfiest trainers. If I was cool enough, I would totally wear a cap with this outfit too, but I’m really not, so if you are, definitely do it! You can tuck your tee in like I have here or if it’s big enough, knot it at the front and wear it cropped.

3) With a white shirt

Grab any old white shirt. Whether it’s your own, your boyfriend’s or your brother’s – it really won’t matter with how you’ll style it here. It’s all about the off-shoulder and rolled sleeved look with shorts throughout the summer, which is why if it’s too big for you, it honestly won’t matter.

How to: Start by putting your arms in and leave the shirt undone for the minute. Roll your sleeves up until they are mid-way up your forearm – not too high because it’ll look silly. Then just bunch up each side of the shirt and tie them together into a knot at the front. Tuck the messy back bits under and pull one shoulder down onto your arm and voila!

Unfortunately, my exact shorts have sold out now, but here are some of my favourite gingham shorts out right now:
£17.99 – H&M
£15 – Nastygal
£8 – Boohoo
£15 – Pretty Little Thing

What’s your favourite look?

1, 2 or 3?

Let me know down in the comments below!

Speak soon,

Court x


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