New Year, New Me. NO THANKS!

Now the new year has approached us, there’s always an influx of people talking about how much they’re going to change and improve their lives in 2018.

Well, that’s not me. I’ll more than likely be staying exactly the same.

I’ll probably still eat a really rubbish diet and be tired all of the time. I’m likely to carry on moaning about my job even though deep down I love it. I’ll still drink too much coffee and coke and not enough water. I’m sure to continue to lay in bed way longer than I should on my days off. I’ll carry on moaning about my body and talk about how I should really join the gym, but probably not do it. I’ll still spend too much money on clothes and still have nothing to wear. AND most importantly -I’ll continue to LOVE the spice girls. Forever.

I just don’t want to put pressure on myself to change and feel disappointed when/if these changes aren’t made. And neither should you.

So my advice is:

Don’t feel pressurised to change. Don’t start a beautiful new book with 365 blank pages to fill up with potential failures. Take the new year as it comes and be happy with who you are and what you do and don’t let anyone/anything make you feel like you have to change.

You are fabulous, just the way you are.

Happy New Year lovelies!!!

It’s time to drink champagne and dance on the tables!

Speak soon,

Court x


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